RUMOR: “My Oxford Year” could be a possible project for Melissa

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The rumors, that Melissa Benoist can star in this film comes from 2015, long before the premiere of the series of ‘Supergirl’, his co-star Sam Heughan.

The film will be written by Allison Burnett (‘The Last Assault’) and produced by the producers of ‘Under the Same Star’.

The film ‘My Oxford Year’ based on Julia Whelan’s book has been planned since before the book launch, planned for April 2018. The film at that time was announced with the name “Oxford”.

As reported by Deadline in 2015, Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) and Sam Heughan (Outlander) will fall in love in this romantic film where Benoist will play Ella Duran an Oxford student who falls in love with an arrogant teaching assistant (Heughan) who is fighting in silence against a terminal cancer. When he learns that it is the reason why he is distant, they will travel all over the world together.

Although Melissa Benoist and Sam Heughan, no longer sound as strong as possible protagonists, some media still want to bet everything on everything they can still star in the film, the web of imdb and other information films, do not announce ‘My Oxford Year ‘as a future or possible Melissa project.

For my part I want to cross my fingers and pray to all the saints that Melissa gets to star in the film.

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