Melissa Benoist interview for Marie Claire Indonesia

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Melissa’s scans were announced in the October magazine of “Maire Claire Indonesia” (Thanks to mbenoist), given that the magazine is from Inodensia, the staff of MBUPDATES has transcribed from Indonesian to English. Since the journal is in Indonesian, the staff of MBUPDATES has transcribed from Indonesian to English in order to obtain the translation, with an adaptation so that they can read and understand the interview. So if you please take captures or translation, or be guided by our translation to make your note, you are asked to give credits corresponding to the web, and give support to the staff effort of MBUPADATES.

Acting out a heroine character and deepening Supergirl characters fosters a feminist soul within Melissa Benoist. It makes it even more trying to inspire women in the real world.

Who does not know Supergirl? In today’s empowerment era, female hero characters such as Supergirl and Wonder Woman are becoming inspiring icons for women around the world. In the entertaiment World, Supergirl is a TV Series that aired on The CW since May 12, 2016. Supergirl character created by Otto Binder and Al Pastino, which later comics published by DC Comics. Supergirl first appeared in Action Comincs #252 in May 1959. The Supergirl series tells of Kara Zor-El being sent to Eart at the age of 13 to protect her baby cousin Kal-El. But the plane she climbed fell and such in the phantom Zone for 24 years. When Kara arrives on Earth, Kal-El has become Superman. The story of Kara Zor-El in the Supergirl series begins 11 years later when she is 24 years old and is trying to accept the power she has as Supergirl.

Supergirl characters not only inspired the audience, but also inspired its own character, Melissa Benoist. “Playing Supergirl strongly challenged me to be a better and stronger person every day”, Melissa said in an inteview with Maire Claire. According to her, although Kara Danvers and Supergirl are the same person, but for Melissa, the two are every different characters and have their respective goals in the television series that has now entered the third season.

Melissa admits that in terms of her heart and human nature, she feels more of a strong relationship and similarity with Kara’s characterk. “By nature, I have more of a relationship with Kara that is vulnerable, and so is the silly and slightly stranger nature of her social life. Kara’s character has more in common with me in the real world. Unlike the badass Supergirl, she is tought, affectionate, and courageous I am more related to the stubborn nature of Supergirl”, Melissa said.


The full woman Melissa Marie Benoist started her career on the theater stage. Then her name coma to prominence after she played Marley Rose in the musicla-drama series Glee in the season 4 and 5. Though so, for Melissa it was not the role she felt the most meaningful. But there are two other roles that drive her on the path that suits her desire in the world of role art. “In my college I played Rosalind in Shakespeare’s, As You Like It, although it was not
a professional production, but the experience made me learn and grow and it enriched my skills in every role I played afterwards”, this 28 year old woman. She feel the same when she’s involed in Whiplash. “Creatively, the film i so rewarding and collaborative, and challenges me to continue to find better ways to live in the arts scene”.

Her persistence in learning and her fantastic role in Supergirl led to three awards, two Saturn Awards in the Breakthrough Performance category in 2016 and Best Actress on Television Series in 2017, winning the Choice Action TV Actress category. “The Saturn Awards I think are very exciting because the are exclusively dedicated to the science fiction genre. The two awards are so cool to be accepted, and the Teen Choice Awards men a lot to me. The fact that the younger generation is responsible for rewarding is extraordinary of the event is amazin”, said Melissa.

Currently she is involved in the making of mini-series about Waco, the tragedy of the siege of Branch Davidians group assemblies carried out by law enforcers of the states of America and Texas, as well as the US military. The incident occurred in the 90’s. “In addition to being involved in making the mini-series, my next step is a mystery to me. How exciting”.


The role of a heroine does not make Melissa feel she has more responsibility or gets some pressuare. She is actually proud of the event because it can describe feminism. Not just because of the fact that Supergirl is the main charecter, but because the series has a lot of strong female and male characters and most of the characters in this series are cast members of minorities who uphold racial, gender and sexuality. For melissa, it is a pure feminism and equality framework. “Playing Supergirl characters allows me to explore the feminist side identity, I want to be what kind of person, and can know my strengths and weaknesses,”sait the woman who also became this singer.

Melissa wants Supergirl to have a different story line from the story of a male superhero in general. According to her, Supergirl will take different decisions from Batman or Superman, because Supergirl has a different view of the
meaning and the felling of being a strong woman, or at least how to learn to become a woman is a quail (??). The fact that Supergirl has been one of the superhero television shows that inspired since The Wonder Woman show in the 70s has become very important to Melissa Benoist, She also feels Supergirl is increasingly becoming the most important part of her life. “My greatest concern is that I want Supergirl’s journey to show strength and empowerment comes without the need for recognition or approval from anyone, but comes from within,” she said. She also added that empowerment will find is way in life when you do not need anyone’s approval to find something that make you strong and happy.

She also expects more female hero charecters such as Supergirl and Wonder Woman. Melissa claimed to be inspired by Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman movie and is very happy that film has a huge impact for ist audience around the worl.

In addition to busy being a hero in the television screen, it turns out Melissa Benoist is also trying to be a hero in the real world. It is seen in her concern for the survival of wildlife and environmenta conservation that she learned from
her grandparents since childhood. At the end of july 2017, Melissa and her boyfriend Chris Wood showed their concern for the tiger. Through her instagram account, she invites her followers to paticipate with WWf and Discovery Community to protect the tiger from extinction threats.

Melissa also proved her heroic soul through the action of Women’s March in Washintong DC on January 21, 2017 ago. “It s the most inspiring moment on my life, I am very concerned about women’s rights, especially to women who have been treated unfairly and hurt. There is still a lot of intensity in which women are used or not heard. not only in the world of work or the social environment, it is something I Will actively voice in the future”.

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